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H1 Android 11.0 Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Adapter Smart AI Box

$89.00 USD
$89.00 USD $139.99 USD
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Product Highlights

Wireless Conversion: Converts factory-wired Carplay/Android Auto to wireless effortlessly.

Android 11.0 & Apps: Features Android 11.0 with access to YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play Store for advanced entertainment.

Color: BLACK
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98% of cars equipped with factory-wired CarPlay. For the complete compatibility list, please click here.

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Versatile Heyincar H1 adapter integrating Android 11.0, Carplay, Android Auto, and the original car system for enhanced functionality.

Four In One System

Transform your vehicle's multimedia experience with a versatile adapter that integrates Android 11.0, Carplay, and Android Auto, alongside your car's original system seamlessly. This comprehensive 4-in-1 system opens up access to an extensive array of functionalities, from music and navigation to communication and entertainment, ensuring compatibility and smooth integration across various car models. Upgrade to a more connected and entertaining drive.

Access a wide range of apps in your car with the Heyincar H1 adapter, featuring Google Play Store downloads for personalized entertainment and utility.

Download Massive APPs From Google Play Store

Enhance your driving experience by accessing a vast selection of apps directly in your vehicle, thanks to an innovative adapter. This device empowers you to download your preferred apps from the Google Play Store, bringing the convenience of work emails, social media, and streaming services like movies and TV shows to your dashboard. Tailor your in-car entertainment and utility to meet your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized journey every time.

Transform Your Car Into A Mobile Cinema With Flexible Movie Playback Options

Make every journey entertaining with the capability to watch movies in your car, anytime and anywhere. Our versatile adapter not only facilitates mobile screen projection for casting movies from your smartphone but also supports direct playback from a TF card (up to 128G), along with streaming from popular services like Netflix and YouTube. Tailor your movie-watching experience to your preference for an uninterrupted and enjoyable viewing experience on the go.

Boost your in-car experience with the H1 adapter's Qualcomm 2290 chipset, ensuring fast and stable connectivity for all your driving needs.

Powerful Qualcomm 2290 For Faster And More Stable Connection

Upgrade your in-car technology with our adapter, featuring the powerful Qualcomm 2290 chipset for unparalleled connection speed and stability. Designed for the modern driver, this device ensures smooth, uninterrupted access to Carplay and Android Auto features. From streaming music and navigating routes to utilizing voice commands, expect a flawless performance that enhances every aspect of your driving experience. Enjoy immediate responsiveness and reliable functionality, making every journey more enjoyable with no delays or disruptions.

Experience enhanced in-car connectivity with the H1 adapter's Dual Bluetooth technology for rapid device pairing and seamless music and call playback.

Dual Bluetooth Fast Transmission

Revolutionize your driving experience with our adapter's Dual Bluetooth technology, designed for swift and efficient transmission. Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, it connects effortlessly to external devices like keyboards, mice, HID, or OBD for enhanced control. Additionally, Bluetooth 5.0 ensures smooth pairing with your smartphone for calls and music playback. This feature promises seamless connectivity, allowing you to focus on the road while staying connected and entertained.

H1 adapter enabling cable-free connectivity in your vehicle

Get Rid Of Wires Forever

Discover the freedom of a cable-free environment with the H1 adapter, designed to eliminate the clutter and hassle of wires in your car. Enjoy a neat and efficient connection to your devices, transforming your vehicle into a streamlined and comfortable space.

Multilingual Interface and Original Car Control Preservation

The H1 adapter not only supports multiple languages, catering to a global audience, but also preserves the original car controls. This means users can enjoy the familiarity of their car's knob and touch operations, ensuring a seamless and intuitive interaction with their vehicle's entertainment system.

Super Easy To Use

Using the H1 wireless Carplay/Android Auto adapter is quick and easy. Simply plug the smart AI box into your car's USB port and follow these three steps:

  • Click on the Carplay icon.
  • The Android display will appear.
  • Start enjoying the new in-car entertainment and driving experience.

With just a simple plug-and-play operation, you can upgrade your car quickly and easily. Say goodbye to complicated installation processes and enjoy the convenience of the H1 adapter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Darin Littmann
Ai Box excellent

Works better than all rest I have tried. Smooth and great sound

Radoslaw Gulba

H1 Android 11.0 Wireless Carplay/Android Auto Adapter Smart AI Box

José Antonio
Trusted shop

Love H1 wireless adapter, it is what I was looking for my android auto system.
Work well on a Smart 453 EQ

William Philipps
Colis arrivé à bon port Martinique

J'ai bien reçu mon colis, je vais bientôt l'essayer dans ma voiture.

Rajeev Raizada
Good Product at Budget Price

There are so many such devices floating in the market with fancy specs and prices. Actually you need a device to convert car system to android platform and that’s what this device does.
It may be a little slower to boot up or to fire up an app of your choice but then few seconds more does not really matter we are not in a war room or nasa control centre.
The after sales support is very good and technical and above all friendly.
So this product is best of the devices I have seen both interns of performance and PRICE.

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